Venture Climate Alliance

Venture Climate Alliance

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About Us

Net Zero from Day Zero

Building climate-aligned businesses from inception to scale

Venture capital investors play an outsized role in shaping and accelerating the pathways to net zero emissions across industries, sectors, and geographies. The Venture Climate Alliance is made up of a growing group of leading VCs committed to achieving a rapid, global transition to net zero or negative greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or earlier. Members will work to achieve net zero emissions for our operations by 2030 or sooner, and will encourage our portfolio companies to set their own net zero targets. As some of the first partners and advisors to startups we will assist them from the start in aligning with the climate transition, and will report on our progress over time. The VCA exists to support this collective effort.

Why Us

By and for venture capital and the teams we invest in

Data, tools, and guidance that are fit for purpose

As the global economy doubles down on decarbonization, all venture-backed companies must not only navigate the transition to net zero, but help to drive it. For both generalist VC firms and those investing in climate solutions exclusively, anticipating and managing climate-related risks and opportunities cannot wait until later. In order for our portfolio companies to enter and thrive in dynamic markets where climate will play a much greater role, venture investors must define and share best practices that prepare our teams to navigate the accelerating climate transition and embody the next generation of category-defining industry leadership.


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Our Commitment

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    We will achieve net zero or negative emissions for our operations (ex. financed emissions) by 2030 or sooner.

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    We will encourage our portfolio companies to set their own targets to achieve net zero alignment by 2050 or sooner.

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    We will provide our portfolio companies with stage-appropriate assistance along their net zero transition pathways.

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    We will report transparently on our progress toward these goals.

Founding Members

These founding firms worked to create and launch the VCA

Leading VCs, both climate-focused investors and generalist firms alike, created the VCA because the methodologies, tools, and data needed to track the climate impact of early-stage investments do not yet exist or are inaccessible to most venture firms and their portfolio companies. Black boxes won’t cut it in the race to net zero. Our founding members represent decades of venture and climate tech expertise. As first movers, we are committed to collaborating and sharing our learnings as a roadmap for the industry more broadly.


Leaders from across the venture industry committed to net zero climate action.

A growing roster of VC firms is committing to help accelerate the global transition to net zero. In order to advance as an industry in line with global climate goals, impact measurement and climate disclosure for venture investments must evolve. Our members are committed to doing this work.


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    Strategic Partnerships

    The VCA is supported by our strategic partners Project Frame, Great Circle Capital Advisors, and One Design Company

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